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The Relentless Pursuit of Justice

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The Oregon Homicide Investigators Association is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit educational corporation dedicated to improving investigative and prosecution outcomes in murders, serious assaults, and missing persons investigations. Your generous contributions are tax deductible.

The Oregon Homicide Investigator's Association (OHIA) was founded during a 2009 Southern Oregon Major Crimes Conference that was sponsored by several southern Oregon law enforcement agencies. This conference brought together a diverse group of professionals from around the Pacific Northwest that represented all disciplines involved in death investigation.

The primary mission of the OHIA is to assist and support law enforcement agencies and death investigation professionals by providing leadership, training, resources, and expertise that will enhance their ability to solve cases. Successful death investigation not only requires vast resources and expertise, it depends upon inter-agency and inter-disciplinary cooperation and partnerships. The diversity of the OHIA membership greatly enhances our ability to address the wide variety of complex issues facing homicide and death investigators.

To accomplish these goals, an annual major crimes conference and periodic regional training sessions are planned. Members will be provided with the latest advanced training in all disciplines by the experts from around the country. These meetings also offer opportunities for the OHIA membership to present cases and share information from their personal experiences. Through such exchanges, members serve as valuable resources to each other in the investigation of unsolved crimes. The members of the OHIA have become a valuable, easily accessed network of information that is available to all members for support and consultation on cases. We are building partnerships with other organizations that will encourage best utilization of skills available. We encourage homicide investigation professionals from around the Pacific Northwest to join and become active in our efforts.

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